I first met CJ at a social event and immediately felt at ease with her. This key detail holds true since we decided to start working together, bringing a feeling of safety that I very much need in a coach. She leaves space for my words. She listens with her whole self. Only a few sessions in, and I’ve had many ah-ha moments. Thank you CJ!


CJ has helped me on my journey of self exploration and empowerment. From the moment I first met CJ, I was struck by her warm and compassionate demeanor, which immediately put me at ease. As someone who has always been curious about sex and kink, and practices within the field, I was so grateful to find a coach who specializes in these areas. CJ created a safe and non-judgmental space for me to continue my work.

CJ is an excellent listener, and always takes the time to truly hear and understand me. She offers practical advice and tools for exploring my experiences, while also supporting me emotionally as I navigate this challenging terrain.

I feel grateful to have found such a kind and knowledgeable coach and would highly recommend CJ to anyone looking for support in their own journey.

Illana G

CJ’s calm and gentle presence puts me at ease. The safety I feel with her allows me to easily open up. By guiding me to speak from the heart, she’s able to help me get to the core issue. She has a way of reflecting my truth back to me that gets me clarity and allows me to move forward with confidence.​

Stella Cheung

CJ is wonderful to work with. She listens carefully, is great at reflecting and empathizing while also offering valuable gems for you to think about and hold close to heart. She has an ability to get to the root of what you’re trying to say and help guide you home towards yourself and your true wants and desires. With her help, I can confidently say that I feel well-equipped to navigate this challenging new world of polyamory. I always felt held and cared for. It was clear from the start that her goal was to help me find the path that I want to walk without pushing any kind of agenda. The journey for me is just beginning, and I am SO thankful I began it with her in my corner.


  • Freedom 100% 100%
  • Exploration 100% 100%
  • Confidence 100% 100%
  • Excitement 100% 100%
  • Shame 0% 0%

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CJ’s presence was exactly what was needed to move ahead. I’ve been coached by CJ only twice. In that time, her genuine and calming presence quickly allowed me to relax into personal insights I wouldn’t have otherwise discovered.

CJ brings to her coaching a unique perspective, and calls to your attention things that may not have been obvious, both of which helped me articulate a clearer vision on how I want to hold space for myself.

For anyone looking for a safe space to begin a journey to authentic self expression, look no further than CJ. I would absolutely work with her again.


I’ve been leading cuddling events for more than ten years. I love when I can attend one as a guest and totally relax. That’s how I feel when CJ leads. She’s prepared, organized and a delightful guide. If you get a chance to attend a “CJ Event,” reserve your seat!

Jean Franzblau

I feel firmly on the path of healing and integrating these abandoned, neglected, and vital parts of myself, and that is not something I could have said a few months ago! Communication and emotional intimacy with my partner is also benefiting tremendously from this process. I really appreciate all the experience, knowledge, patience, and talent you bring to our work. And I especially value your underlying maturity and wisdom.

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